NYHETCAPiDi safety timer:
USB charger 3.4A

Ultra compact USB timer for power outlets that turn off the power after 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours.
It will not be easier!

Now CAPiDi launches a Swedish-developed USB charger with built-in timer. It charges both mobile and tablet simultaneously and turns off with the timer within 1-4 hours. The time is illustrated by LEDs around the socket. This reduces the risk of overheating and fire. The timer has 2 USB ports, is safe and CE-approved.

  • CAPiDi USB safety timer is very safe and easy to use.
  • Adjustable time 1-4 hours. Automatically switches power off after the selected time.
  • Suitable for eg Charging a phone, tablet or other USB rechargeable device for charging time.
  • LED indication showing remaining time in 1-hour intervals.
  • CE Approved

USB timer black

USB timer white

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