Interconnectable, 10 years service life, Optical smoke chamber

A fire alarm can save lives – and give you peace of mind. We know it’s about seconds to save lives in the event of a fire. Therefore, we think it is important to have fire alarms who talk to each other and alert immediately if a fire occurs.

If you know that you will be warned in the living room if a fire should start in the laundry room, or you hear the alarm in the bedroom if something happens in the children’s room – then the chances of saving both you and your neighbors’ lives increase.


– No battery change (built-in lithium battery)
– 10 years life
– Wireless pairing
– Connect unlimited number of devices to a mesh network *
– Optical smoke detector
– Alarms one, alarms everyone
– 200 meters range
– Unique energy-saving chip
– Low radiation
– Interference-free frequency

* We recommend a maximum of 12 units to guarantee 10 years of battery life.