Padwico 850 is a functional and easy to use baby alarm with full digital technology. The baby alarm works within 863-870 MHz without any disturbance and has a range of 500 meters in open spaces and very low radiation level.

– Automatic search function and jump to available channel
– Low radiation level (only 8% of normal DECT and 40% of ECO-DECT)
– Automatic power reduction system reduces the radiation level to half when the baby and parent unit are close together
– Indicator showing the temperature in the child’s room
– Night light on the baby unit
– Sound and light alarm on the parent unit when it is out of range
– Level meter with LEDs on the parent unit
– Long battery life, with low battery warning on both the baby and parent unit
– Adjustable microphone sensitivity on the baby unit
– Vibration alarm on the parent unit
– Equipped with double charge holder and rechargeable battery
– Speech function to talk to your baby
– Function-tested down to -20 ° C

Manual padwico 850