CAPiDi smoke alarm (2-pack)

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CAPiDi smoke alarm can be paired together to set up a mesh network of smoke detectors where they all communicate with each other, ensuring all linked devices emit an alarm if one unit detects smoke. The CAPiDi smoke alarm has a built-in lithium battery that never have to be replaced during the smoke alarm’s lifetime. You can easily pair an unlimited number of units, simply by pressing one button on each device, wireless.

The CAPiDi smoke alarm uses unique energy-saving technology which gives the product, long range (up to 200 meters), safe communication (frequency 868 MHz) and low radiation. It has features such as inbuilt test, location and hush functionality and is easily installed. 5 year warranty.


  • 10-year lifespan with a built-in lithium battery that never has to be replaced.
  • Pair unlimited number of units, wireless, only by pressing one button on each device.
  • Once one unit detects smoke – all units will alarm.
  • Long range – up to 200 meters.
  • Low radiation. Safe and reliable communication (frequency 868 MHz).
  • Low power consumption.
  • Approved by Intertek UK according to: EN 14604:2005/AC 2008, CE
  • Modern, Scandinavian design that also facilitates maintenance.
  • Easy to mount and test and with a hush-function.
  • Possibility of temporarily disabling the unit for 10 minutes.


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CAPiDi smoke alarm (2-pack)
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