CAPiDi smoke alarm

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NEW autumn 2019! 

CAPiDi 10-year Radio Communication Fire Alarm

CAPiDi fire alarm makes it easy to connect unlimited number of devices to a reliable mesh network of fire alarms in your home.
All units talk to each other wirelessly, leading to all alarms within 3 seconds if a fire alarm detects smoke. The built-in battery covers the power supply for the entire product life, 10 years, so you never have to change batteries!

– No battery change (built-in lithium battery)
– Battery that lasts the entire life of the product (10 years)
– Wireless interconnect (up to 12 devices to guarantee battery life)
– Optical smoke detector
– Creates a mesh network (interconnectable with 38802902 & CAP388B)
– Alarms one, alarms everyone
– 200 meters range with free view
– Unique energy-saving chip
– Broadcast at 868 MHz
– 5 year warranty

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E-number: 6302326

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CAPiDi smoke alarm
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