CAPiDi Thermometer – RAR801

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RAR801 is a wireless thermometer that displays both outdoor and indoor temperature. Clean design, small and neat.

Specification Display:

Color: White
Measuring range: -5 ° C – + 50 ° C
Batteries: 2xAAA / R03 1.5V – OSB not included, purchased separately
Size display: 2 “(5cm)
Size: Width: 70mm, Height: 59mm, Depth: 23mm
Can be set on a table / bench or mounted on a wall

Wireless transmitter specification:

Color: White
Measuring range: -20 ° C – + 60 ° C (With lithium battery: -50 ° C – + 60 ° C)
Battery: 1xAA / R6 1.5V – NOT included, purchased separately
Size: Width: 50mm, Height: 96mm, Depth: 22mm
Range: up to 30 meters
Mounted within 30 meters
In addition, it can be connected to Tellstick.

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