MemTimer – 24 h

299.00 kr

Compact memory timer for wall sockets, cuts power on both poles after selected setting. Program the timer by plugging it into the wall and press the button at the selected start time, press the button for 1-10 for 1-10h (each press is one hour). Several times can be set/programmed during 24 hours. Next day; the timer will turn on and off and after the same pattern. Press and hold the button for three seconds or plug it out from the socket to reset the memory.


  • CAPiDi safety timer is very safe and easy to use.
  • Can be programmed to be on for 1-10 hours at several times during the day.
  • Automatically cuts the power after the selected time.
  • Suitable for lamps, heating elements or other devises that shall be turned on and off at the same time every day.
  • Extra safe – double pin cut
  • S-approved by Intertek
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MemTimer – 24 h
299.00 kr